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Social Science Automation (SSA) seeks to understand human minds and performance through text analytics. The motivation for starting SSA was the realization that although a tremendous amount of the accessible data that humans generate is stored as unstructured text, social science had only rudimentary tools for manipulating and analyzing unstructured text. Since then, the volume of unstructured text we generate has grown exponentially. We have made some notable progress and continue to pursue our goal of understanding human minds and performance through text analytics by developing tools for manipulating and analyzing unstructured text. Along the way, we have developed products and services for cognitive behavioral therapy, forensic psycholinguistics, and human assessment. Some of our services can be accessed below.


ThoughtHelper provides an automated analysis of cognitive distortions to help guide a cognitive restructuring process under the supervision of a therapist or as a self-help or training device to develop awareness of cognitive distortions. Click here

                                <span style="font-size: 18pt; color: #CF181D; font-weight: bold;">Threat</span>
                                <span style="font-size: 18pt; color: #231F20; font-weight: bold;">Triage</span>

Threat Triage is a web-based tool designed for security professionals to assess threatening communications regarding the likelihood of targeted violence. Click here
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